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Musa Kalenga is an entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker and author.
Musa Kalenga is an entrepreneur, investor, keynote speaker and author.


Living in South Africa can be an emotional roller-coaster. One minute there are encouraging signs of progression, cohesion and social advance, and the next the fractures in our society reveal themselves in the ugliest ways.

“Musa has a genuine passion for the African continent, and rich entrepreneurial experience.”

- Andile Masuku, entrepreneur and host of the Africa Tech Roundup

With many titles to his name, Musa is the CEO of Bridge Labs, as well a shareholder and a board member at The Brave Group and Loxyion Conexyion. He was the first Chairman of the Youth Advertising Board of South Africa in 2005/6 and also currently holds the position of Chairman of the School of Consumer and Information Sciences Industry Advisory Board at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Musa started his first business, Monatefellaz, a youth marketing consultancy, while studying at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS). After Monatefellaz was incorporated into IHOP WORLD, as part of a merger with a division of the Brand Leadership Group, Musa worked as Managing Director before becoming Group Head of Digital Marketing at Nedbank, and then Facebook Client Partner for Africa.

“Through the use of technology, the digitally invisible economy will be able to create viable, affordable and sustainable solutions that will solve crucial problems in our society.”

- Musa Kalenga

Musa is the author of Ladders & Trampolines, a book that shares anecdotes and experiences about growing up in Southern Africa, as well as working and doing business all over the continent.