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As a respected thought leader in the marketing industry, Musa advises on digital marketing strategy for businesses with his Marketing in a Digital World Executive Programme. Musa is also known for his informative and insightful storytelling style, which he shares through his keynote talks, which have been shared at many corporate events over the last year. Often described as engaging and professional, as per attendee feedback, his presentation style has also been stated as the ideal blend of stand-up comedy and academic rhetoric. He has also been praised for his modesty and ability to condense and communicate complex topics in a relatable way.


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Response framework can be used by SME’s to better navigate the COVID19 pandemic. Broadly, the keynote covers the stabilisation of business, Assessment of readiness to change, a guide on How to Pivot and then Growth after Covid19. Key learning outcomes for the audience are rapid decision framework, an assessment framework applicable to mental readiness and business agility. These tools will help SME’s fully embrace the opportunity to truly reinvent themselves in “The New Normal”.

The API Humanity

The world is in the eye of the storm when it comes to data and connectivity. To keep sane in this unpredictable time, Musa shares insights into how he sees the world changing as the storm develops.
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Act Like a Human, Think Like a Brand

In this keynote, Musa focuses on the benefits of Human Centred Marketing, and how to use this approach to build an Integrated Marketing Strategy. Using creativity as a differentiator, and by focusing on the qualities that make us human, we can therefore create more powerful brands, that truly speak to the needs of your target audience.

Leadership at the Speed of Light

In order to be at the cutting edge of technology, you need to keep pace with a rapidly evolving world. This means being able to lead “at the speed of light”, and be able to adapt to constant changes. This approach also means using data insights and intelligence to drive decision making that can ensure that your organisation can consistently create business value in the long term.
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To view video footage of snippets of Musa’s past keynotes, visit his YouTube channel and click “Subscribe”. To get a sense of his speaking style, you can view the many videos of his talks on this playlist on his YouTube channel.